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AZSH is an American, POP music songwriter and recording artist, creating original music for more than a decade. Her voice is sultry and songs are relatable and memorable. Focused on good energy, she weaves confidence and inspiration into her music.


AZSH's first self-released single “Mood” (produced by Luis Salazar), received radio support in several countries, followed by 5 more song releases under her label, Empty Bus Records in 2022. She released a music video for “EW2GO" (Everybody Wants to Go Outside) in 2022, and "Like That" in July, 2023.


AZSH is releasing singles, creating live shows with band and DJ for festival spots and opening acts, and is available for smart collaborations.

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"Blurring the lines between Pop and EDM"

"AZSH releases a sensational electro-dance single, entitled, 'Runaway'"

"An infectious song by this singer-songwriter"




  • 30+ worldwide radio stations supporting songs

  • 3 songs currently on radio: Mood, Paradise, EW2GO

  • “In the Air Tonight” cover charted #30 in House on iTunes US

  • “Feel the Love” editorial Spotify placement for “Soulful House”

  • 500K+ streams on Spotify

  • 2.7K playlist adds

  • 6% fan conversion rate

  • 300-500 average song saves per month

  • 34% email marketing open rate (800+ fans)


  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


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