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AZSH is an American, POP music songwriter and recording artist, creating original music for more than a decade. Her voice is sultry and songs are relatable and memorable. Focused on good vibes, she weaves confidence and inspiration into her music.


AZSH's first self-released single “Mood” (produced by Luis Salazar), received radio support in several countries. In 2022, she released 5 more songs under her label, Empty Bus Records. She also released a music video for “EW2GO" (Everybody Wants to Go Outside), which is garnering international radio support.


AZSH has several songs ready to release in 2023, including a new music video for song “Like That” -also produced by Luis Salazar. 

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"Blurring the lines between Pop and EDM"

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"AZSH releases a sensational electro-dance single, entitled, 'Runaway'"

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"An infectious song by this singer-songwriter"






  • 30+ worldwide radio stations supporting songs

  • 3 songs currently on radio: Mood, Paradise, EW2GO

  • “In the Air Tonight” cover charted #30 in House on iTunes US

  • “Feel the Love” editorial Spotify placement for “Soulful House”

  • 500K+ streams on Spotify

  • 2.7K playlist adds

  • 6% fan conversion rate

  • 300-500 average song saves per month

  • 34% email marketing open rate (800+ fans)

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


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